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Lose Weight Tea - Organifi GO contains 11 super-nutrients that are custo...

Published on Jan 20, 2017
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Lose Weight Tea - Organifi GO contains 11 super-nutrients that are custom-blended
Are you a super taster?

My friend, Amy, is a super taster.

That means she has twice as many taste buds as regular folks.

For her, sweet things taste sweeter. Salty things taste much saltier. And, bitter things taste even more bitter. Yuck!

This can be a challenge when she wants to lose a few pounds. Why?

Because she can’t eat as many greens as she needs to achieve her weight loss goals.

Broccoli, spinach, kale, and all sorts of healthy veggies are far too bitter for her tender taste buds. As you can imagine, this is all very discouraging for her.

I’ve seen her stop and start countless diets over the years. None worked because her sensitive taste buds just can’t take it.

Have you ever tried a green smoothie? How did it taste? My spouse loves shakes. Especially the green ones.

But me, I’m more like my friend, Amy: I don’t like bitter flavors. So here’s how I get around that:

I find what I like, and when I find something good… I buy in convenient quantities.

And since I’m on a mission to help the most people get healthy and stay healthy, in the shortest amount of time, let me tell you this:

Organifi GO contains 11 super-nutrients that are custom-blended to help you reach your weight and health goals… fast. And it tastes good too… even if you’re a super taster.

PLUS: You can taste-test it FREE right now for a limited time (no catch).

Organifi GO:

● Dissolves completely in the water.

● It’s custom-crafted to support your weight loss and health goals.

● It won’t give you the jitters.

● It’s loaded with the highest quality ingredients from around the world.

● It’s good for you, and it tastes good.

Organifi GO comes in convenient, single serve, 3-packs. Here’s the best part: for my first 100 subscribers only you can get 3 FREE packs of Organifi GO

Let me make a suggestion:

Go check out the convenient and FREE Organifi GO multi-packs. You only pay shipping.

Go taste-test it now! Let me know how you like it.
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