Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weight Loss Plans - Australian Trick Melts 119 Pounds of Fat

Published on Feb 14, 2017
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Weight Loss Plans - Australian Trick Melts 119 Pounds of Fat

If you have ever driven in a car with kids, then this story is going to SURPRISE you...

Meet Geri (46) and Eric (44). A few months back, this brother and sister lost 119 pounds of stubborn fat together in just two months by doing these two simple tricks they discovered after being slapped across the face with a Chi-town Secret Weapon.

Check these pics out for yourself:

The craziest thing is, this total body transformation trick was put into action because Geri suffered a near fatal heart attack while picking her daughter up from soccer practice.

Eric literally had to push her aside from the driver’s seat and rush her to the nearby hospital. While there, they discovered one totally new secret and another completely unique trick that melted away over a pound a day with this Australian secret.

This Brother and Sister are Survivors...

I was blown away by how this reversed Geri’s heart attack symptoms all while burning loads of fat quickly and easily.

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PS-The last trick just might save your life!
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