Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Personal Trainer - Hold Your Air?

Published on Jan 24, 2017
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As a personal trainer I typically teach my clients to take a deep breath in during the negative portion of the lift and tell them to exhale during the concentric part of the exercise.

When it comes to maximum effort work it's another ball game.

The rules that apply to high rep training are thrown out the window.

Fill your stomach with air before you unrack the bar and hold that air until the lift is completed. It may take practice but try to fill your belly with air rather than your chest. If you let you air out during a max lift attempt, your body will move making you unstable. Holding your air keeps your entire body tight and gives you a stable base to press from.

Some people actually prefer to take two airs. This means they take one breathe when they unrack the bar. Then while holding the bar at lockout they exhale and take another breathe before starting to descend. Give both techniques a try and see which you prefer.




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