Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Personal Training - Your questions answered

As I'm sure you can imagine over the course of the past few days hundreds upon hundreds of questions about the Critical Bench Program 2.0 have been flooding my inbox.
I took your questions straight to the horse's mouth and had Mike answers your most pressing questions. I've posted them below for you.
If you're interested in increasing your bench press 50 lbs in 10 Weeks all while packing on some solid muscle mass in the process definitely check out his program. It is currently on sale at a discount to celebrate the ten year anniversary but it will be ending shortly.
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Q: Why did you release the Critical Bench Program 2.0?
A: This is my way of celebrating the ten year anniversary of the Web site and the program and to thank everyone that has supported CriticalBench.com over the years.

Q: Why the need to update it?
A: Since I first wrote the program… I've interviewed hundreds of world class powerlifters and bodybuilders. I've started competing in power lifting myself and joined a few underground barbell clubs.
So I have a ton of new information I want to share with you. Plus I want to give you access to all the training logs for one price as a way to celebrate the ten year anniversary. More details on that can be found below.

Q: How many people have used the Critical Bench Program since it was first released in the year 2000?
A: 32,887 people. Some may have been repeat customers.

Q: Will everyone get the same results as you Mike? Gaining 50 lbs on their bench press in 10 weeks?
A: I don't know… you may get better results or you may get worse results… because we're different people.
But one thing I know for sure… thousands of other people have had tremendous success and I'm sure you'll get amazing results as well.
And since this ebook is all about increasing your bench press by 50 pounds in 10 weeks… you're going to get all the benefits that go with that. More muscle, more strength, more raw power, and more confidence. All the things I've experienced in my life when I started focusing more on the bench.

Q: Will I have to buy each training log or starting one rep max program separately?
A: Nope. This time you get all 80 workout charts included in your package. From a 100 pound starting max to a 500 pound starting max. The bench press numbers are calculated for you. If you bought these all individually in the past it would cost you $3200.

Q: Can I use the Critical Bench Program 2.0 more than once?
A: Abso-freakin-lutely. Okay I'm letting out one surprise, I can't contain myself. Everyone who picks up a copy during the presale will get the Critical Deload Routine as a limited time bonus. Just follow the deload routine for four weeks after completing the Critical Bench Program and then you can start on the next max chart. By cycling your training and resting your nervous system you can keep making gains on the Critical Bench Program over and over.
I do plan on selling the Critical Deload Routine separately so it will probably only be available during the pre-sale event.

Q: Why do I care about increasing my bench press anyhow?
A: when you have to lift more weight... your body reacts to the additional stress you're placing on it BY ADDING MORE MUSCLE TISSUE!
If you keep lifting the same amount of weight, over and over again, your body has NO REASON to get stronger OR gain muscle. It can already handle the weight you're used to.
But when you keep lifting more and more weight... your body must adapt, get stronger, and add muscle to keep handling that additional weight.
That's how muscle gains are made: It's by continuously trying to get stronger. When that happens, your body adds more muscle mass to handle this additional stress that's placed upon it.

Q: Is This Program Just For My Chest?
A: No, the bench press involves many muscle groups and you are given a full body workout to follow.

Q: Do I need special equipment like bands, chains and bench press shirts to do this program?
A: You don't need access to any special equipment.
All you need is a bench, barbell some weights and some dumbbells. Whether you're young or old, an athlete or weekend warrior, a novice or advanced lifter, you can use this program to set a new personal best training less than an hour a day four or five times a week.
I didn't want people to have to spend a lot of money or find a special place to train to use the program.

Q: Is this a powerlifting program or a bodybuilding program?
A: It's neither and it's both. Way to beat around the bush huh? Seriously though, this program has elements of both and I call it a Power Building Program. You'll get strong like a powerlifter, but look as good as a bodybuilder.

Q: What if I miss this 10 year anniversary sale you're having?
A: The Critical Bench Program has never been on sale. NEVER… for 10-years straight until now. I don't have any plans of discounting it again.

Q: How much could you (Mike Westerdal) bench press when you were a freshman in high school?
A: 100 pounds. Yup it's true.

Q: Where can I get proof and read about other people's results?
Or you can check out our 300, 400 and 500 pound bench press clubs. Maybe you'll be the next member?

Q: Is this program for me?
A: The last thing I want to do is pressure anyone or hype anything up too much. This is either a good fit for you or it's not. Either way is cool.
Look, if you're happy with what you're benching right now, you definitely don't need this program… unless you want to keep going up… if you want to keep getting bigger and better.
And you don't need it if you're currently happy with your size and muscularity. If you're happy with the way your body looks and the amount of muscle you carry… then I'd skip this… unless you want to pack on even more muscle.
If you're as strong as you want to be… or if you're as quick and as powerful as you need to be for your school's sport… you probably don't need it.
But if you want to gain more strength, more muscle, and a much bigger bench press that makes your buddies envious and jealous, this will do it.


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