Thursday, February 9, 2017

How To Build Muscle Fast -Gain More Muscle In 12 Weeks

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Gaining muscle weight has been the subject of the last few emails I’ve sent you and today comes a special challenge...

...It’s the same challenge many of us have encountered during our own bodybuilding was the period in our lives where our muscle building efforts completely STALLED.

YOUR 12-week challenge:

So where are you at? What’s your plateau?

...15 pounds?

...20 pounds?

...25 pounds?

The Critical Weight Gain Program is designed to help you “flip” your hard gainer genes and finally turn you into a “fast gainer” which means that you can go from skinny... stacking on as much as 35 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks.

Question now is...Are you ready to rocket forward...

...or are you just going to settle and accept the body you’re frustrated and unhappy with?

If there’s one tip that you should keep in your mind, it’s this – everyone encounters road bumps in whatever we do in life...


...and that’s all the more reason never to hope a problem will go away by itself.

Beyond physical...

Not only will you start making the same progress you did when you first started...’ll also benefit from it emotionally, too.

When you see rapid muscle growth, you can’t help but feel happy and encouraged to keep working for more.

Plus, just to make sure you get ALL you can from your workout, Mike and Bryan are also including the following bonuses:

--A "Fool's Idea" Weight Gain Trick

--Insane Muscle Gain ebook

--The Perfect Rep ebook

--Marc David’s 19 Tips To Gain 5 Lbs Report

--Jason Ferruggia’s Mass Building Sins Report


... this, "How to Gain Weight Fast" method is currently being offered at a very special price that WILL soon double, so don’t wait too long...

...Otherwise you’ll be paying twice as much for the program and that's not cool.


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