Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Build Muscle Fast - Are your muscles your enemy?

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Build Muscle Fast - Are your muscles your enemy?

Wanna know one of the reasons why Mike Westerdal is so passionate about the work he does through Critical Bench? 

Simple – he was born with genes that aren’t exactly enviable...he had a lot of difficulty stacking on muscle because of the “type” of muscle he was born with.

After a bit of research however, Mike uncovered a very important secret...

...Did you know that genes also determine how efficiently your muscles process your workouts? 

This is the reason some people develop into hard gainers or the type of bodybuilder who appears to gain muscle simply by looking at a set of weights.

There are three main types of muscle fiber in our bodies: 
--Type I
--Type IIa
--Type IIb

If you’re wondering why you’re getting HALF the results your friends are, while consuming the same amount of supplements and putting in the same amount of work...

...You need to know that Each of these fiber types react to the "stress" of weight training or exercise differently. 

This DOES NOT mean you can’t work around these facts.

If you’re aiming for more mass you’ll discover that with the right methods in place, you can actually “program” your muscle fibers to do what you need them to do.

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